"Jewelry, Art, Life. For some, all three are one and the same. But Barbara Westwood stands apart as a highly trained artist who has chosen to express her creativity in the three-dimensional medium of jewelry. As one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of American designers, she has been elected to the prestigious American Jewelry Design Council for her consistent display of striking talent and singular style. Master of her craft, she endows her work with an articulation of individual vision that elevates the spirit of the wearer and sets the pace for an entire industry."

Susan B. Johnson G.G.
Director: Gemological Institute of America

1984: One of 10 jewelry designers choosen to exhibit in the New York International Designer Room.
1988: Winner of the 'Best Continuity of Line' Award. Awarded by the New Designer Showcase of America.

"Barbara is a wonderful person and artist who creates using bold shapes and beautiful sprinkles of sparkling diamonds that definitely make a fashion forward statement. She is internationally recognized and respected by her colleagues. You will find the beauty and charm of Barbara's fine art jewelry is exceeded only by that of the artist."

Exposures International Gallery

Sedona, Arizona
1993: Awarded 'Women of the Year in Design', by the National Women's Jewelry Association.
1995: Awarded Blenheim Award, New York-Excellence in Design Award.
"My hands touch every piece of jewelry." Barbara Westwood
1997: Choosen to exhibit in Basel, Switzerland International Jewelry Show. 1997-2001
"My work is a vehicle to connect to the celebrations of life, to integrate with other human beings, as an artist, with the symbols that define and mark our most important feelings."

These words written by Barbara Westwood reflect the honor of her craft and creativity.